What’s In Your Baby’s Travel Plans

Travel is part of your day, and planning for baby’s needs and safety becomes a large part of those travels, with baby car seats, diaper bags, strollers and travel systems. Your baby’s travel gear will include:


Tidy Baby

  • No matter how far you travel, whether it’s next door or to the next continent, baby’s needs for feeding and cleanliness will continue to occupy a great deal of your time and energy. Prepare well for her royal outings by ensuring that all her care needs are included in your faithful diaper bags.

Driving Baby

Napping Baby

    Naptime arrives when naptime arrives, and during her first few months, you’ll both be learning new schedules. When her royal baby highness decides it’s time to nap, you’ll be glad you chose to cart along a baby Moses basket and a stand, where she can rest and sleep while you watch nearby.

Strolling Baby

  • Life isn’t all motoring down the freeway when you’re chauffeuring her royal baby self around. You’ll both want to stop and take a walk through the park or down the highly entertaining aisles of the local supermarket. For times like these, her majesty can glide in comfort in the safety of her mom- or dad-powered stroller.
  • Baby may advise you of the longterm wisdom of considering a cohesive travel system which gives you the luxury of moving her carrier from stroller to car and back without major added fuss and expense.