Read Before Buying Used Baby Gear

Planning a nursery can require a deft touch with a spreadsheet and an honest evaluation of the amount of money you have available to spend on the project. If at the end of the budget process, you discover that your list of furnishings aren’t covered, you may want to consider going with less expensive alternatives, taking some do-it-yourself approaches, and buying or borrowing some nursery items. Here are just a couple of articles of tips and things to think about before purchasing used and second-hand baby products.

Used Baby Product Safety – Tips for Buying Second Hand Baby Products
With the cost of baby products being so high for such short-term use, many people get used baby products. But is this safe? Find out what to look for when getting second hand items for your baby.
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Safety Tips for Buying Used Baby Gear
Nothing is more important than keeping your baby safe and these helpful hints for shopping used will keep your little one out of harms way and your wallet a little bigger.
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Have you borrowed or purchased used or second-hand baby items in the past? What advice would you give to new and expectant parents if they are faced with needing to buy used baby gear? How about from the perspective of the seller? Have you sold baby furniture or donated items like baby cribs, bassinets, strollers and infant carriers to friends, family or charities?