Baby’s Nursery Crib, Safety First

CribThe nursery crib is frequently the most major purchase you’ll face when designing and appointing your newborn’s nursery. It will be the focus of attention in the nursery and very often will be the place your baby spends the majority of her time when not being held, fed, and spoiled by grandparents.

Safety is your first concern when selecting a new crib for your newborn, infant or toddler. The Consumer Product Safety Commission discourages the use of older cribs made before federal safety standards were developed in 1985. Safety standards continue to evolve since the days when you slept in a crib as a newborn. As adorable as it may be to think about your own infant sleeping where you slept as a child, the crib you slept in as a baby is very likely outdated and not in compliance with safety standards.

Read our crib safety section for more information, guidance on crib safety, and more about manufacturers which have full sized cribs certified by JPMA.