5 Letters in your Babyproofing Mantra

Henry Martin“When should I start babyproofing my house? Won’t there be plenty of time after the baby is born?”

The short answer is NO. The long answer is that your childproofing process needs to start as soon as you can do so. Too many new parents believe that they will have hours of leisure time to rest, relax, catch up on reading – after all, baby sleeps a lot, right? Let a few million voices of experience correct that thinking. Baby may sleep a lot, but the odds are that you won’t. The concept of “spare time” goes out the window when the newborn comes in the door.

Start early, start seriously, and recruit a friend to help you babyproof, especially if this is your first baby. Prepare to crawl around and act like a newly-crawling bundle of joy, so you can see your home from your new baby’s level, including hazards that a grownup might not spot.

Learn the CRIBS mantra – Cover, Remove, Isolate, Block, Secure – and read more about preparing for your baby’s safety.