What’s In Your Baby’s Nursery

Long before your newborn arrives, you may be drawn to design and decorate her nursery, a place to sleep, rest, learn, interact and bond. Your baby’s nursery furnishings and gear will include:


Sleeping Baby

  • A crib is a much more permanent fixture than a bassinet. Cribs are designed to be stationary, where bassinets are designed to be more portable. The crib is the centerpiece for your nursery design. When possible, select your baby’s nursery crib as one of your first choices, so that the rest of the design and budget fall into place.
  • The nursery is your baby’s main environment for many months after she arrives. When she is a newborn, you may choose to provide a bassinet which gives baby a smaller and more cozy place to rest and sleep.
  • Co-sleepers are a class of bassinets and cribs designed to be drawn up directly next to mother’s bedside. The co-sleeper fits alongside a futon on a frame or standard height bed, normally 24″. Additional accessories are often available, including pads, leg extensions and canopies. Some co-sleepers are not designed to take the place of a regular crib.

Changing Baby

  • Her changing table will be an active spot as she is cleansed and her diapers are changed. Here she will choose her wardrobe for the day, a onesie and stockings, hat and sleeping gown, perchance a softly frilled dress from her layette. A sturdy and safe changing table is a must-have in your nursery design. Look for solid designs, waterproof padding, easily cleaned smooth surfaces, the perfect working height and room for storing changing essentials such as diapers, lotions, cleansing wipes.
  • An armoire or a chest of drawers will secure her wardrobe and infant attire, and may even turn into a favorite that follows her into her own bedroom when she’s ready for preschool and beyond.
  • While she ponders her wardrobe and gets a fresh change of undies, she can watch the patterns emerge from the wall treatment chosen specially for her. Decorate your baby’s nursery walls with stencils and posters, and add decals that can be moved and removed easily as she grows to toddler and her learning path changes.
  • Gentle lighting guides your way and hers as she readies herself for a nap. Soft lighting soothes and calms both baby and mother while still giving sufficient light to tend to bathing and changing. Look for soft white ecologically friendly bulbs like LED or compact fluorescent energy saving bulbs.