Baby Safe and Secure

Preparing for Baby Safety

Babies learn by experiencing, which involves grabbing, grasping, tugging, pulling, reaching and a host of other baby-related actions. Far too often, in unprepared households, these learning experiences result in danger, injury, even death.
  • Assume that if she can reach something, she will reach for it.
  • If she can reach for something, she will at some point try to pull herself up.
  • If that something turns out to be unsecured and falls over on her, the results can be catastrophic.
Prepare by learning about childproofing, take every warning seriously, and remain vigilant, even after you believe you are done with the childproofing process.

Your New Mantra is CRIBS:
Cover, Remove, Isolate, Block, Secure

As you get ready to childproof your home, keep the CRIBS mantra in mind to help you remember the basic preventive measures:

  • Cover items like table corners and edges,
  • Remove items like dangling cords,
  • Isolate items that can’t be childproofed,
  • Block items like electrical outlets,
  • Secure items like cabinet doors.

Start Far Earlier Than You Expect To Start

The time to start childproofing your home is, literally, as soon as possible. Too many new parents fail to recognize just how occupied their time will be after baby’s arrival, and think they’ll have plenty of time to take care of babyproofing details long before the baby starts to move around on her own.

The reality is that there will be no spare time, and she’s going to be moving and grabbing and crawling far before you’re ready for her to do so.

Grab a Friend to Help

You know your own home better than anyone. For this very reason, you may find it helpful to recruit a friend to help you with the childproofing process. She’s less likely to overlook outlets, cords, cabinets, drawers, edges and dangers, simply because she is not as familiar with the house or apartment as you are.

Keep Checking

Babyproofing is a continuous process that doesn’t stop when the last outlet is covered and the last cord is wound. Did that flat screen TV that arrived last week have its cord securely out of the way and a strap put in place to keep it from toppling over? When you unplugged that second lamp in the bedroom, did you cover the outlet?

Learn about Childproofing Your Home

Toys “R” Us teamed up with the Home Safety Council to guide parents in the process of childproofing your home, and have produced a downloadable brochure with an easy to follow room-by-room guide.