What’s in Your Baby’s House

She’s taking over, make no mistake, and as her influences spirals outward from the nursery, you’ll soon find that every area she touches turns to the gold of new experience. Her brand new domain formerly known as your house will include:


Lunchtime Baby

  • After lounging in the nursery to take her meals, she’ll reach out to grab dominion over your kitchen and dining room, ruling from her high chair as imperially as if she were born to the regal task of household supervision.

Cleaning Baby

  • Having lavished her complexion with fresh carrot puree, baby will delight in spending time in a relaxing bath with her loyal attendants at her side at all times, ensuring that her highness does not attempt to devour the lavender scented baby soap.
  • A fully planned venture into potty training will, of course, be on your educational agenda and baby’s list of things that must be achieved before she enrolls in Radcliffe, Berkeley or Harvard.

Partner Baby

  • Baby will want to accompany you everywhere, naturally, to make sure that you don’t get lost or distracted during the first few years of her reign. No matter where she chooses to alight – chest, hip, back or side – you will be well advised to provide a well-positioned baby carrier as her throne.
  • For those times when you can bring yourself to walk a few paces away, baby will happily rest and watch you from her baby lounger, bouncing lightly in tune with the sugarplums until you return. You won’t be gone long or very far, will you?

Playing Baby

  • What you might call “play,” baby calls “Higher Education,” and the careful study of the reactions of her bouncer and swing to the motions of her feet is indeed a noble pursuit. After all, there’s a whole wide world to learn about now while everything is new and surprising.
  • Her play area takes on new shapes and dimensions, and soon becomes a fairy castle and a constant source of amusement and education while she watches you out of the corner of her eye to make sure you don’t wander too far or get into mischief.